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International Business Machines

Dr. Andrew Rindos, STSM,
Program Manager,
Center for Advanced Studies,
Adjunct Professor, NCSU, Duke,
IBM Cloud Platform

“I have worked with Ron for well over a decade, with most of those years during his tenure as the leader of our Chicago Center for Advanced Studies (CAS). (I lead the CAS for the IBM Research Triangle Park site.) CAS coordinates the university relations needs of the IBM site or region that it serves. Under Ron’s tenure, our relationships with the Chicago and Midwest regional universities has grown tremendously, as he has defined collaborative projects with faculty and students around topics as diverse as cloud to AI, and quantum computing to blockchain. The scope of these projects reflects the broad technical depth that Ron has acquired over his distinguished career, as he supported numerous product development groups across the company.

His energy and enthusiasm are infectious, and that has propelled the tremendous success of his center. He has spawned numerous open-source initiatives, conferences and workshops and multi-institutional projects (e.g., the Cognitive Telescope project). And he has even extended his collaborative activities to universities in other countries, including India and Australia. But his most impressive qualities are his kindness and human decency, qualities that have served him well in building trust with our university partners.”


North Carolina State University

Jeremy Edmondson,
Associate Director, Senior Design
Electrical and Computer Engineering

“The Open Development platform Arunava has created enables a small group of students to contribute to very large projects. Initiatives like this create a framework for making significant and meaningful progress on real world problems that are otherwise not solved by industry.”

“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.”

Steve Jobs, Founder Apple Computers

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